The following sound gallery exhibits example recordings made by Cetacean Research Technology™ hydrophones.

OrcaSing Compilation

Multimedia highlights from OrcaSing 2003 - 2015. The older recordings of the SRKW (Southern Resident Killer Whales) were made by a custom model of the predecessor to the Cetacean ResearchC57 hydrophone.The 2015 recordings were made with our Cetacean Research™ SQ26-H1 hydrophone recording system

Humpback to Humpback

A pair of recordings of humpback whale calls made out in the field using our Cetacean Research™ SQ26-MT (now the SQ26-H1) and a competing system; these directly compare our entry level hydrophone (the SQ26-08) to a competitor. We made a base broadband recording and also a couple spectra plots to show you the difference