Cetacean Research Technology (CRT) specializes in providing hydrophones and underwater acoustic instrumentation tailored for the applications of scientists, engineers, recording artists, and recreational enthusiasts.

Since 1994, CRT's founder, Joseph Olson, has worked with other scientists and engineers, and listened closely to customer feedback to fine-tune his affordable line of hydrophones. These hydrophones and associated products are used by academic and governmental institutions, corporations, and individuals in over 65 countries, spanning every continent and ocean in the world.

"Animal communication, especially among cetaceans, has always fascinated me," says Olson, a former president of the Puget Sound Chapter of the American Cetacean Society. "I developed my hydrophones to be easy to operate while still providing optimal frequency and sensitivity characteristics - far exceeding similarly marketed hydrophones currently available."

As a physicist, Olson has worked with technical instrumentation and underwater acoustics for over 38 years. His clientele ranges from well known organizations such as Scripps Institution of Oceanography and National Geographic Television to individual researchers, recreational whale watchers, and recording artists. CRT is committed to providing the highest quality instrumentation along with outstanding customer support.

Since 2023, Adam Sniff continues Cetacean Research Technology's long tradition of ensuring that quality and customers come first while he closely consults with Joseph Olson.